10 things you must give up in order to be happy

Here are 10 things you have to stop doing in order to be happy once and for all. How to be happy? You must let go of everything that causes you sadness, pain, stress and suffering. Free yourself and give yourself the opportunity to be happy.

1.- Stop wanting to control everything

This is suffocating. If you really want to be happy, you should try to let yourself want to control everything. I know people who want to be in control of everything and what they do is embitter the existence of everyone around them and themselves. Stop controlling your partner, your siblings, your mother, your father, events or situations, etc.

That's not fair. I understand that what you don't want is for the other to fail. Perhaps you feel that you have a responsibility to ensure that what happened to you does not happen to the other, but ... understand that some people learn from their own experience, not from that of others. Give your advice and let the other person be free to choose what they think is best for them. Let others be as they are, you will see that you will be happy.

2.- Stop carrying the responsibility of others

This is very important, everyone has to contribute their grain of sand. I have seen people who take everything to themselves, and carry the full weight of responsibility. Then people go crazy and leave everything to you: at work, at home, at university, at school, at church. Let everyone contribute their part, even if it is small. YOU DO NOT HAVE to carry the commitments of the other.

Cooperate, but do not carry the responsibility of others: you must be happy.

3.- You are not always right

I know it's hard to twist your arm. It is likely that others are not willing or able to understand your point of view. But ... let it go, it's not worth imposing yourself and hurting those around you. It's too stressful a situation, let it go!

Arguing and violence will take years off your life. If you get too angry, calm down and wait for the waters to return to their course. If you are correct, God will agree with you. You deserve to be happy.