These ten steps will help you reach your goals

one. Commit to reaching your goal. "A person with a commitment is worth a hundred times what a person with only one interest is worth." Mary Crowley.
two. Force yourself to keep detailed accounts. Record your progress toward your goals each night and make a list of the six most important things you need to do tomorrow. Daily discipline is the key to reaching your goals.
3. Build your life on a solid foundation of honesty, character, integrity, trust, love, and loyalty. This foundation will give you an honest approach to achieving whatever goal you have set for yourself.

Four. Divide your medium and long-term goals into stages.

5. Be prepared to change. You cannot control the weather, inflation, interest rates, Wall Street, etc. Review your decision to change your goal carefully - but be willing to change direction to get there if conditions and circumstances demand it.

6. Share your “quit” goals (ie, quit smoking, being rude, being late, eating a lot, etc.) with lots of people. This way you will have the best chances of being supported.

7. Become a team player. Remember: You can get everything you want in life if you only help other people enough to achieve what they want.

8. Visualize the triumph. In your imagination see yourself getting the diploma, getting that job or promotion, giving that presentation, moving into your dream home, reaching that weight loss goal, etc.

9. Each time you reach a goal, your confidence will grow so that you can achieve bigger and better goals. After reaching any goal, record it in your journal, planner or PC.

10. Remember, what you gain from reaching your goals will not be as important as what you will become by achieving them - what you will become is the winner that was within you since you were born!