Attitude is one of the most important ingredients in determining success or failure for all people. Successful people have one thing in common: an expectation of success.

Most people start each morning neutral and react to the events of the day. We can be one of the successful in life starting each day with a positive attitude, gratitude for the opportunities we have and an expectation of the best for us.

People tend to live up to their expectations. We get out of life what we put into it. Our environment becomes a mirror of our spirit, our attitude and expectations. If we have a great attitude, we will get great results. From having a mediocre attitude, we will achieve mediocre results and from having a poor attitude, we will achieve poor results.

The world will give us back what we hoped for so let's hope for the best. Let us not be defensive or hesitate. Nothing changes unless we do. Before we can do something, we have to be something. Let us know that we are valuable; Let's show it to the world

Let's treat everyone we come in contact with as if they were the most important person of the moment. It will build self-esteem… let's smile! We will be rewarded with a smile in return. Let's not react to rudeness. Let's forgive everyone who hurts us and then, let's forgive ourselves.

Let's stay healthy; let's exercise. Let's keep a proper diet. Let us radiate an attitude of trust.

Let's develop these good habits and our expectation will be rewarded with successes. This attitude will place us in that group of genuinely successful people because we will know and understand how an expectant attitude improves every aspect of our life.

May God bless us with an expectant attitude every day of our life.

Bob Stoess, copyright 2012
Source: www.motivateus.com

There is no doubt that much of what we live is the product of our own choices ... although there will always be someone who blames the circumstances or others. And our choices will always be based on our attitudes to life.

When our attitude towards life is poor and defeatist, we can realize that the future that awaits us is not very promising. But this negative attitude is actually the product of the rejection of God and His word, which promises several things to those of us who approach Him and put our hope in Him: that His mercies are new every morning, that He will always be with us until the end, and that to those who love him, all things will turn out for the better.

While none of these promises imply the absence of crisis and difficulties, they do affirm that God has prepared wonderful things for each day of our lives… and that the best of our lives is always ahead.

Let us take this opportunity to adore the Savior, allow Him to affirm His word in us.

Go ahead and may the Lord continue to bless you.

Raul Irigoyen
The Chaplain's Thought