In a minute

On Earth approximately 250 children are born, of which 113 will be poor and 15 will be born with some kind of disability. 107 people also die, 18 of hunger.

34,000 species of plants and 5,500 species of animals are in danger of extinction. 360 is the number of lightning strikes that hit the earth, 5 earthquakes are produced, 55,757 barrels of gasoline are used, 9 people contract the AIDS disease, Nike wins 36,505$.

In the USA 2 cars are stolen and 3 murders take place. In addition, the Earth increases its weight by 153 tons, an octopus can run up to 666.6 meters, 115 soccer balls are manufactured, 61 of them in Pakistan.

In Brazil, 3,054 liters of beer are consumed, 1,714 Lego pieces are manufactured, 76,000 files are illegally downloaded, a hummingbird beats its small wings 108,000 times, 237 mobiles are thrown in the trash, 100 iPads are sold, the Earth moves 1,760 kilometers ...

In that minute, decisions can be made that can change your life, you can meet a new love, a new friend, you can feel the bitterness of defeat or the loss of someone, you can feel the happiness of achieving that goal that you had set for yourself, in a minute you can love, feel , forgive, grow, hope, even save a life.

By paying attention for just a minute you can make a loved one happy, an unknown person. But you can also miss an opportunity that you can never have again, hence the saying of " take advantage of every second of your life because it can be unique ”.

A minute may seem insignificant to us, but if we stop to think, we remember minutes we have lived that are full of happiness, and those we do find meaning and why, since that insignificant minute can leave great traces in our lives. We value a minute when we are late to a place, that minute longer than it takes the bus to arrive in which the person you love will get on and leave until a new day.

It is for all those reasons why you do not have to waste a minute in life, and above all not to live to live, but to live as if every minute was the last, trying to be the happiest you can by making the people who love you. surround them too, because you never know what will happen to you in the next minute.

By "Mayte de Frutos González"