If you are reading this article, it is because you feel identified. Many people think that God has forgotten them and they say to themselves: Why did God abandon me? Am I not worthy? I have put all my trust in Him and I still have no answer. I feel abandoned, alone and sad. If God loves me, why does He allow these bad things to happen to me? Why do I always pray and never answer?

The truth is that many people have forgotten how to live, they have focused so much on the problems and things that happen to them that they forget the greatness of God and the plans that God has for them, their plans are for well-being. God has not forgotten you, he has always been aware and has taken care of every detail of your life. What I always share, the fact of being alive is the wonderful opportunity to go after the dreams that God put in our hearts. God did not forget, he does not forget and he will not forget you because you are his greatest creation, you are a poem of Him. What happens is that God is not going to do what we have to do.

Let me ask you a question. If you lived your ideal life, what would you like to do?

- Help others?
- Achieve balance in your life?
- Establish deep and satisfying relationships?
- Spend more time with your family?
- Enjoy life with your husband or wife?
- Start your own business?
- Have a healthy life?
- Have a powerful ministry?
- Lead a holy life?
- The list could be long and could you tell me about the things you would like to do, now all that is possible when we acquire knowledge of Him. Knowledge is wisdom, wisdom is the art of living.

"Because for lack of knowledge my people have been destroyed." Hosea 4: 6a (NIV)

Lack of knowledge brings destruction, brings crisis, brings defeats, and many times we do not find answers to our problems because of our lack of knowledge, our blindness because we do not see what we need to see to move forward and the only thing we can see are obstacles. God probably won't remove the obstacles every time you pray. He wants you to grow and be responsible so that only and guided by the Holy Spirit and based on the Bible you can overcome any obstacle. What God seeks is to form and strengthen our character.

There is a story called: The life you hold is in your hands
“A group of boys knew a wise man from their town and they hatched a plan to deceive him. They would catch a live bird and go visit the wise man. One of them would hold the bird behind his back and ask, "Wise man, is the bird alive or dead?" If the wise man answered that he was alive, the boy would quickly crush the bird and say, "No, it is dead." If the wise man said, "The bird is dead," the boy would show him the bird alive. The boys got the wise man to receive them. The one who held the bird asked him: "Wise man, is the bird alive or dead?" The wise man was silent for a few moments. Then he crouched down until he was at the same height as the boy and said, "The life you hold is in your hands."

In the same way that this story shows "The life you sustain is in your hands." God has given you all the ability to make your dreams come true, it is in your hands to give life or kill your dreams. For this you will need to incorporate into your life that constant search for wisdom manifested through reading the Bible and I would like to recommend some distinctions that have helped me and can lead you to that extraordinary life such as commitment, discipline, resilience , learning, perseverance and responsibility. Each of them can be acquired through our trainings or training program.

Why is it hard for us to believe that we can have or achieve the best?

Has God forgotten about you? No way.

Will you forget about God? It is the most likely to happen. And in order not to forget Him, you have to be connected with Him with a grateful heart, not a heart full of complaints.

Why don't you leave your problem on the altar? Why don't you start living the abundant life? Why don't you stop living in the past and start living your future?

There is a phrase that says: "The artist is nothing but is connected with his gift, but the gift is nothing if he does not put it to work." Emile zola

Always remember that even if you forget, God will never forget you. Go after your dreams remembering the words of the Apostle Paul: "I am convinced of this: the one who began such a good work in you will continue to complete it until the day of Christ Jesus." Philippians 1: 6 (NIV)

In love and leadership,

Pedro Sifontes
Lecturer and Leadership and Coaching Trainer. Panama.