The dream began on July 19, 1950 when a young enthusiast named Cousteau acquired, in complicity with a group of friends, an old abandoned minesweeper bearing the mythical name of Calypso.

The years that followed were as hard as they were fruitful; the Calypso grew, changed, and readjusted in proportion to the enthusiasm of her crew. Twenty years after its purchase, the old minesweeper had become the most important oceanographic ship in the world and was equipped, among other things, with two deep-sea diving saucers, a hot air balloon and the best technology known to date for the study. of the oceans.

The sea never had such a fierce defender. His imposing figure appeared surprisingly in the ports where the world summits of the environment took place, received by the uproar of the population, escorted by hundreds of smaller boats, greeted by the salutes of the local navy. Their very presence made those who hunted whales and those who polluted the sea bow their heads. The Calypso was present and on its deck, behind the eye of a camera, the world population lined up.

The Calypso was the birthplace of almost all of us who breathe underwater today and was the inspiration for many of the world's marine biologists.

The world held its breath when in 1996, after a collision with another ship, the Calypso sank in the Port of Singapore. Cruel game of destiny, the Calypso sunk in the most polluted waters on the planet.

Two weeks later he is refloated and, wounded, is taken to the port of Marseille in France. In 1998, after Cousteau's death, it was transferred to the port of La Rochelle where it still remains, abandoned, dirty, rotting in the sun. Forgotten by a world more addicted to mirrors than binoculars, the Calypso dies a little bit every day without anyone remembering it. It is not a world heritage site, nor is it the centerpiece of a museum. It doesn't even have the honor of being a shipwreck in the coral sea. It is just a spoil abandoned in a port, a corpse drying in the sun, invaded by rats and dirt.

The Calypso did not arrive, the Calypso no longer sails. The whales are at the mercy of the killers, the sea no longer has anyone to defend it.

Tito Rodriguez
Argentine Institute of Diving

Forgetfulness is often one of the strongest tests we have to face in life. However, even if everyone forgets about you. God will never forget.

For I know the thoughts that I have about you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you the end you hope for. Jeremiah 29:11.

But they did not know the thoughts of the Lord, nor did they understand his counsel; therefore he gathered them together like sheaves in the age. Micah 4:12.