How to achieve an extraordinary job?

“To be successful you don't have to do extraordinary things. Just do ordinary things with love and excellence. "

The key to enjoying your job is to stop thinking that you are doing it for others or for the company and start doing it for yourself. There is a story I read a long time ago that I want to share with you because I know you are looking for the extraordinary.

“Doña Rosa was an elevator operator in an old courthouse building in Bogotá, which remained congested with visitors, they entered and crammed into one of the old elevators.

When the door was opened, the crowd that came out pushed the one who wanted to enter, creating chaos that was repeated on almost every floor. It was hot and smells were concentrated in the elevator.

Despite all this, Dona Rosa took care of her elevator as if it were the finest and most valuable. Every morning she polished the metal parts and cleaned them as well as possible. Despite these conditions, he was smiling and enthusiastic, greeting and saying goodbye when opening and closing doors, surprising people by remembering their names, joking to make people smile, and responding kindly to all questions asked.

Apart from that, she sold official paper, postage stamps and in her few spare moments she knitted baby clothes.

One day someone asked her how she could stay so content in that kind of awkward, routine, low-paid job.

To which she replied: -Many people believe that I act this way for people and actually I do it for myself. When I give good treatment, I feel satisfied, if I help them, most of them pay me back and appreciate me.

-I know that my elevator is old and poorly maintained, when I clean it, I am taking care of myself, because although it is not mine, I live in it for many hours of my life and if I treat it well, it will serve me better.

-And all the other elevator operators think like that? -They Asked.

"No," he answered, "some of my colleagues think that their work time does not belong to them, they say it is company time." They seem absent, it is as if they died at eight in the morning and were resurrected at six in the afternoon.

They assume that working reluctantly they are going to mistreat the boss or others, when in reality it is the time of their life, something that they will never get back. "

This story shows us that if we are passionate about what we do we can enjoy not only work, but life.

Make sure that what you do is what you like and be ready to do your best. If you don't like what you do, get ready to quit and go after what you like.

To have an extraordinary job, it is not enough to do it, but how to do it and it is to do it with excellence. Are you ready?

The choice is yours whether you want to make your job ordinary or extraordinary. How you want it?

If you are not enjoying your job or your career maybe it is time to stop and start going for what you are passionate about. If you need help, I think I can help you through coaching and an instrument called Career Direct that will give you the guidelines to live the life you want.

In love and leadership,

Pedro Sifontes
Coach and Speaker
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