"There is never a favorable wind for those who do not know where they are going." Seneca

There are many things you have experienced and many things you want to experience, all part of a vision.

If your vision took the wrong turn, you are probably worried, frustrated or tired. You wonder how do I get back to the original vision?

It is said that the best way to restore vision is to smear eye drops in the eyes. Investigating a little, I found that the Ophthalmological Institute of Alicante (Spain) has achieved the regeneration of tissues of the ocular surface through the application of an eye drop made from the blood of the patients themselves. What strikes my attention is that the eye drops come from the blood plasma of each patient.

That tells me that we can recover the original vision if we go back to our passions.

What is your passion? Are you focusing on your passions?

"Without passion we cannot complete a vision" Pedro Sifontes

If you are not passionate about your vision, you will hardly complete it. You probably have it well defined or well written, but if you do not carry it in your heart you can deviate from the path and you will find yourself far from your original vision.

It happens in organizations where we find large or small posters with a great vision; however, many of its members are very distant from walking in vision and the reason is that they do not carry it in their blood, so a blood transfusion must be done.

No organization operates on autopilot when it comes to following the vision. Organizations are made up of people driven by passions who need to be guided by vision. If your organization is not marching on the vision it can end up anywhere but where you want it to go or where you want to be.

I ask you: Is your organization focused on vision?

Maybe it's time to review the vision statement and ask yourself if you are passionate about the vision, ask yourself if you know where you are going and when you will arrive, and then ask your collaborators the same thing that you have asked yourself, because the vision represents what it could. be and should be.

As a leader you have a great responsibility to develop the vision and share it every day. When you stop sharing it, your vision can be clouded and you can get lost, and then your collaborators too. If you see half, they will see half too.

If you are having problems with your vision and it is difficult for you to "smear the eye drops" to see your dreams come true in your life or in your organization, it is time to contact me.

In love and leadership,

Pedro Sifontes
Coach and Speaker
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