Mondays are always long and boring. Few people feel like getting out of bed and going to work. However, you have to start the week in the best of spirits, with a positive mind and wanting to face new challenges.

If every Monday you get up in the morning and get ready to go to work, feeling a mixture of laziness and sadness for the weekend you left behind, don't worry, here are some tips to survive, and maybe even enjoy , Mondays at work.

Convince yourself. Monday is a day to be taken with humor. Remember: no day is as far away from next Monday as Monday itself, and that's certainly good news.

Others have it worse ... Knowing that your boss or superior has more worries than you these days will not make you feel any happier, but it will ease the burden of this day with such a gray reputation.

Who leaves and distributes ... On the contrary, if you are a boss or responsible and you feel overwhelmed by Mondays and the work responsibilities that come with it, at least you have a way out: you can always refer work to your subordinates and thus ease the burden of the day.

Be nice! On Monday mornings, some are capable of destructive instincts just by thinking of that particularly irritating co-worker's smile. Treat others with extra kindness and they will do the same to you. This simple gesture will help you spend your day much better.

Music therapy: Listen to your favorite song on the way to work. It is proven that music is capable of changing people's moods.

Physical therapy: Moderate physical exercise in the morning is proven to fuel the rest of the day and even help regulate your appetite.

Set a goal: Setting an attractive goal for every Monday is one of the best incentives to overcome the classic depression of this day. It can be a concert, a movie at the cinema, a dinner with your partner or an outing with friends.

Acclimatization: If you have spent the weekend out of town or away from home, we recommend that you do not return on Sunday late or Monday morning ... Getting acclimatized little by little will make the return a little less hard.

This is the Day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in Him.
Psalm 118: 24