It is likely that you have read the reflection on the Internet: “We get used to it”, it is very interesting and if you have not done it, we will send it to you:
We get used to it ...
to live in our house and to have no other view than the surrounding windows.
And since we are used to not having sight, then we get used to not looking outside.
And since we don't look outside, then we get used to not opening the curtains all the way.
And because we don't open the curtains completely, then we get used to turning on the light earlier.
And as we get used to it, we forget the sun, we forget the air, we forget the spaciousness.
We get used to it ...
To wake up startled because we were late.
To have coffee running because we are late.
To eat a sandwich because there is no time to eat at ease.
To leave work because it is already afternoon.
To have a quick dinner and sleep with a heavy stomach, without having lived the day.
We get used to it ...
To wait the whole day and hear on the phone: -I can't go today.
To smile for people without receiving a smile in return.
To be ignored when we needed so much to be seen.
If work is hard, we console ourselves by thinking about the weekend. And worse still, we make our work heavy, and others, living in destructive criticism and sowing discord by speaking negativity and still without any argument.
And if the weekend is not much to do, we go to sleep early and we get used to being satisfied because we always have late sleep.
We get used to saving life that, little by little, is still spent and that once spent, because we are used to it, we miss out on living.
Someone said: Death is so sure of its victory that it gives us a lifetime of advantage.
Let's not get used to it and live life to the fullest !!!
Applying this to daily life:
How many things do we get used to and believe that they cannot be otherwise?
How many things do we get used to and stop insisting on change?