"If you don't know where you are going, you will never know when you will arrive"

Success is a word that causes controversy in some people, many yearn for it and yet they resist achieving it because they think they were not born to win. They have become conformist and defeatist with phrases: "I will never achieve it", "I am incapable", "Nobody understands me", "Who is going to notice me", "I have no money", among others.

Success is not luck or magic of fate. God designed you to be successful And of course there are steps to take for that to happen. Jesus was successful in his ministry and in his work, the greatest fact is that He rose again, conquered death and asks the Father for us so that we may be successful on earth.

Now do not confuse me with fame, money, power, there are many people who have that but they are not happy. Success is more than that, it has to see that at the end of your life you loved God, your spouse, your children, you left a legacy and you enjoyed life to the fullest.

One question that may help you is: How will I be remembered after I die?

Successful people are those who have learned to consistently apply God's laws in their lives and are those who have discovered their potential to bless others while benefiting themselves.

One of the steps to success is goal setting.

Goals are important, they take you where you want to go. In a study carried out by Harvard University with its students, they found that only 3% of people had written goals accompanied by an action plan and after ten years these people were contacted again and the result was that these people were successful in what they did.

Many do not set goals it is because they have not yet accepted personal responsibility for their lives, and they still fear failure and success.

It is interesting that the well-known businessman Lee Iacocca was appointed vice president of Ford Motor Company at the age of 36, however as a college student, he had decided to become vice president of Ford Motor at age thirty-five. He only missed his goal for a year.

Understand that just because you set a goal and don't achieve it in the desired time does not mean that you will not achieve it. It can mean that you are getting closer to your goal.

Setting specific goals, targets is a powerful exercise. The prophet Habakkuk wrote about goal setting: And the Lord answered me “Write the vision down, and make it stand out clearly on the tablets so that it can be read in full flow. For the vision will be realized in the appointed time; It is marching towards its fulfillment, and it will not cease to be fulfilled. Although it seems to take time, wait for it; because without fail it will come. " Room 2: 2-3

What are your dreams?

Have you written down your goals?

Writing down your goals is one of the most important motivational tasks for winning in life. God wants you to be successful and so you should write down your goals.

"An hour of goal setting exercises will save you about 60 hours in the next few months and you can take advantage of them with your family." Pedro Sifontes

Some ideas to help you set goals:

1. Make a list of values. What do you value the most?

2. Make a list of all your dreams. Write everything down. What would you like to achieve in life? What experiences would you like to have?

3. What would you do if you had six months to live?

4. Write down your goals for three years, one year, three months and develop an action plan to achieve them.

5. Be convinced. Many people write their goals but are not convinced of achieving it.

6. Make a list of available resources. What books, seminars, people can help you reach your goals? There is a price to be enjoyed.

7. Identify the obstacles and think about how you will overcome them. Facing his giants, take down Goliath.

"Success is not measured by the achievements we have in life but by what we have had to overcome to get to where we are."

Always remember that God wants you to be successful. He designed us to win. You will function better and be happier when you move towards goals. Go to the target ... as Pablo says.

Today is the best day to start setting goals in your life.

In love and leadership,

Pedro Sifontes
Christian Coach
[email protected]