If you think it can be done at any time, you will not do it at any time. Tomorrow is the busiest day of the week. Don marquis

Many people want and want many things but they do not take action. They say: not today, tomorrow. The reality is that tomorrow never comes. Procrastination is a dream killer. Much of what you have not achieved now is because you yourself have put off your dreams, waiting for circumstances to change. While you keep waiting for the situation to change without taking action, you are wasting your life, your talents and burying your dreams.

If you want tomorrow to come, you must take action today and I will recommend four things you should do:

-          Make sure your dream is your dream. If you can see it clearly, you can do it. It is not about having a dream for having it, it is about the purpose for which you were formed. It is about being able to articulate a vision until it becomes a reality, regardless of the sacrifice that has to be paid. It's my dream? Am I willing to pay the price? What or who am I going to become?

-          Be intentional and establish a strategy to reach your dreams.   You must define the activities that you must do and also those that you must stop doing. Knowing what your steps are reduces fear, anxiety and uncertainty. What am I doing brings me closer to my dreams? What should I be careful of? What should I improve? What are my priorities going to be?

-          Have confidence in yourself. God has already trusted you by giving you unique talents and abilities to achieve your dreams. It is time that you stop comparing yourself with others, that competition with others what it does is frustrate you, it damages your self-esteem. Try to compete with yourself and others treat them as superior to you, as they too have dreams to give to the world. How is my confidence? Am I comparing myself or others? How do I increase my confidence?

-          Have a person to account for your actions. The biggest reason we don't have people to account to is that we are afraid of being demanded, we are afraid of showing our flaws. We are afraid of looking bad to others, but the biggest fear is not taking responsibility for our dreams.

It is easier to blame others or circumstances, or to excuse ourselves in our shortcomings or weaknesses than to assume responsibility for what we long for. We need a person to whom we can give an account of our dreams.

Who am I accountable to?

Will I need a coach or a mentor?

How will I know if my actions are going to give the results I am looking for?

Achieving dreams is not easy, in fact all dreams have been achieved based on the effort and sacrifice of those who said: I will not wait for tomorrow, today I will start to build my dream. You are willing? When are you going to start?

In love and leadership,

Pedro Sifontes
Coach and Speaker
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Put your works in the hands of the Lord and your projects will be fulfilled. Proverbs 16: 3