"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

One of the great challenges that society is going through today is divorce. It seems that you don't see much anymore "they were happy forever." Some data tell us that in the United States one in two couples separate, in Europe and Latin America one in four. The saddest thing is that it is a growing trend.

I do not claim to write about the grounds for divorce, or whether or not you can get divorced. My position is no to divorce, the marriage must be saved, but I understand that today many people do not have the proper tools or seek the necessary help to be able to rescue their marriage from the "fire", and end up separated or in divorce. Marriage is not easy, it requires commitment, work and daily dedication from both of you, not from one person.

Many think that when they divorced their life is over, that everything has collapsed and their life will never be the same, and if I am sure of the latter, it is that their life will never be the same. Undoubtedly no one marries and then divorces, we all dream of being happy in marriage and when the marriage of your dreams is over, what you think is that your life ends there and that you will not be able to rebuild your life. You start to see the glass as half empty, instead of looking at it with optimism and thinking that now your life can be better because now you have the opportunity to decide how you want your life to be.

We can learn from pain so as not to go through situations that we don't like or don't want again. What can you learn from failure? What things would you not do again? What if you would do when establishing a new relationship?

Answering these questions you will find answers:

  • "I should have listened to my parents."
  • "I shouldn't have made a hasty decision to get married."
  • "Do not be unequally yoked."

In short, there is much experience that remains of pain to build a new life. Your life doesn't end until God decides to call you.

"Every day is the beginning of a new morning."

The next step you must take is to look to the future, the reality is that time does not stand still, and you must design how you want your new life to be. You need to establish a plan where you can enjoy the life that God has prepared for you. Do not stay in pain, do not get stuck in your past. Seek to grow as a person, meet people, make friends that are supportive of your life.

Start visualizing your life for the next few years, don't take what comes, plan where you want to go, focus and get moving. What things would you do when establishing a new relationship?

I understand that many do not believe in planning, and hide behind "God's will be done" as if God were playing dice with us. When we think like this it is because you do not know who you are, you have lost your identity and you live in fear or fear for fear of being wrong. Others live thinking that God is upset with them because they failed in their marriage and they tell themselves there is no point in planning for the future.

Today I have good news for you: “The great love of the Lord never ends, and his compassion never runs out. Every morning its benefits are renewed; How great is his fidelity! " Lamentations 3:22, 23

You can choose how you want to live life, when you make a good choice you will be happy.

Today is the best time to get out of that pain in your heart, today you can start living a new life.

In love and leadership,

Pedro Sifontes
Personal Coach
[email protected]