A peaceful and united army that believes in the value of the little things. People who build history and do not get carried away by events.

More disarmed hearts, in a world full of wars. Magnanimous souls in an interested society.

Strong spirits for a century of mediocrity. More workers and fewer critics.

More citizens who say: "I am going to try to do something", and less who are satisfied with: "It is impossible."

A greater number of bold ones who dive to the bottom of the problem to solve it and a smaller number of fatalists settled in the omission.

More friends to roll up their sleeves with us, and less devastating to point out only flaws.

More people who store hope, and less frustrated who carry tons of discouragement.

More personalities who persevere and fewer colleagues who start and never finish. More smiling faces and less cloudy foreheads.

More companions well established in reality and less dreamers pending of passing illusions.

We urgently need, without fail: a world in beneficent hands shining a light, to illuminate the pessimism of the crowd. A match in hand ... small, but so important! Small, insignificant, but how it illuminates by dispelling the darkness!

Unknown author

The “needs” list is really interesting. The biggest problem is that there are many of us who make lists similar to this one, looking for God and others to help fill the void that we expose, when in reality we should open ourselves to the possibilities of being the answer to the "needed" of so many others around us.
God in us is hope for change and blessing — not only for ourselves — but for others.
Let us dare to be instruments of blessing in the hands of the Lord.
Go ahead and may God continue to bless you.

Raúl Irigoyen
The Chaplain's Thought