Whether or not one is really happy is one of the questions that humans often ask themselves at some point in life.

The word happiness comes from the term happy and this means happy, content, satisfied.

It is the state of mind that takes pleasure in the possession of a material, affective or spiritual good.

If the word happiness is broken down, on the one hand, it follows that "faith" is hope and confidence in what is to come. On the other hand, "legality" comes from lawful, fair and reasonable.

“Some conceptions hold that happiness implies the absence of pain, depression, anxiety or other physical or emotional states. But this takes us away from the search, since it implies the avoidance of certain states ”.

One of the downsides of this idea is that emotional disturbances, disappointments, and frustrations are an inevitable part of life, so trying to escape the inevitable will only intensify the frustration.

"This can lead to blame and, consequently, increased unhappiness."

When defining happiness as a state of satisfaction, fulfillment or achievement, we immediately tend to ask ourselves: "Am I really happy?"

"To answer this question we can take into account that happiness is a consequence of other activities, such as the roles we play throughout our lives."

"That is, happiness, by itself, does not exist, but is a consequence of a life with meaning, with direction, with goals and objectives."

Happiness is not reduced to doing what we like but to liking what we do.

“Action does not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. In other words, happiness is achieved with effort, perseverance, dedication. Every process requires perseverance and effort ”.

For example, the birth of a child. "It is beautiful and brings a lot of happiness but also its upbringing and education will require effort and postponement."
"Achieving a title, receiving a degree, also implies a lot of happiness but, in pursuit of this goal, things are put aside along the way, sleepless nights, nerves, etc."

Happiness is generally transitory, not a final, enduring state that can be reached.

"So it is not produced by great moments of success, but by small things that happen to us every day, which confirm that we are in the correct road".

For this it is recommended to make an evaluation of our day and week.
“What do we think, what do we do, what we frequently feel… Happiness is confidence in what is to come and success is the result. Therefore, we have to look for it ”.

Now, how is it done?

“Finding meaning in our actions, in our daily living. To know where we are going and which way to go, the thermometer to take into account is whether, when we are born again, we would choose what we are today / ”.
“When we speak of meaning, it is convenient to think about the reason for what happens to us, not to dwell on the why of what happens to us, but for what, what is the purpose of what we have to live today.

What does it consist of.

“Happiness implies recognizing the good that I have, such as love, money, knowledge, health and wanting a good. It has to do with having a purpose, it is being directed, it is having orientation, vision and goals to achieve.

"Finding our mission in this life implies starting a search, being able to connect with our essence, with the depths of our being, where we can restore what is damaged and love ourselves without conditions."

Just as love begins at home, happiness also begins at home.
“Our home is ourselves. Everything we build will start from us, the links we have or want to have, such as our partner, family, work, children, friends, etc. ”.


As to why there may be people who have everything to be happy but do not feel that way, it has to do with the lack of recognition and appreciation of assets.

"Happiness does not depend on those around us. No one can give us what we do not have: it depends on each one of us to be able to find what makes us full and happy every day of our life ”.

"It is not someone else's business to make us happy but it is up to each one of us to look for what makes us feel that way."

Happiness is not reduced in doing what we like, but in liking what we do. Action does not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. That is, it is achieved with effort, perseverance and dedication.

Happiness is not the result of great moments of success, but of small things that happen to us, day by day, that confirm that we are on the right path.

Psychologist Karina Soledad Kees.
[email protected]
White Bay. Argentina