Personal growth-> "The meaning of life is not security, great opportunities are risky." Shirley Hufstedler

I am afraid to grow up is a statement that many of us at some point in our lives come to say, and especially when we are living in chaos, when we see that our life falls apart, when our dreams become unattainable, these are the moments when we begin to long to be children, because we think that problems do not exist. That's a story you tell yourself so you don't get into chaos.

We forget that chaos also represents a source of opportunities to grow, the key is to look for those moments that allow me to see that life is worth living.

Can you identify those moments of panic? What is the story you tell yourself so you don't grow up?

It is easy to tell the story of the crisis:

"My marriage or my relationship is in crisis ... I need love"

"I don't have a job ... I need money"

"If I had time, but at this age I think it's too late"

"I want to change my way of being but ..."

You can write yours and you will realize that in you there is a need, we all have needs that we want to cover, that of feeling loved, protected, valued, affirmed, respected, full.

What is your need today? Write that need that you have but cannot reach because you are afraid.

Fear has paralyzed you, and has filled your heart with doubts and fears and you tell yourself better I stay like this and do nothing, I will never achieve it or perhaps the story you tell yourself is that you have already tried everything and you have achieved nothing , and you come to the conclusion: Why take the risk? At the end of the day we are going to die, I think I had to live like this, that when God was making welfare plans for me they got lost on the road.

Patty Hansen, co-author of the book "Chicken Soup for the Soul" wrote the following story that tells us about taking risks.

Two seeds are together in the fertile soil.

The first seed said: “I want to grow! I want my roots to reach deep into the earth and for my shoots to break the bark above me ... I want to unfold my tender shoots like flags to announce the arrival of spring ... I want to feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the blessing of the dew morning in my petals. "

And then it grew.

The second seed said: “I am afraid. If I let my roots go down I don't know what I'll find in the dark. If I work my way through the hard earth above me, I can damage my delicate suckers ... What if I let my buds break open and a snake tries to eat them? Also, if I open my buds, maybe a small child will tear me out of the ground. No, I should wait until it is safe. "

And then he waited.

A bird that was walking around the place looking for food, found the seed it was waiting for and immediately swallowed it.

Here we find a life lesson and that those who do not take risks cannot grow. If you want to grow you have to take action on your life starting with a change of thought. And I want to invite you to tell yourself a story today.

Imagine the good that God has for you, start to see yourself reaching those plans that He designed for you, feel your emotions, write down the things you will do to achieve them and take action. Don't let life swallow you.

Life was given to you to live and the best way to overcome your fears is love.

Take the risk today to love, give, serve, enjoy and live. Today is the best day to see the opportunities and count the blessings you have. Today is the best day to grow.

In love and leadership,
Pedro Sifontes
Personal Coach
[email protected]