Only we know the three ways to take good care of ourselves. We need to go back and remember the best advice anyone ever gave us. Everyone gives everyone advice. Advice is worthless unless we embrace it and move on. Advice is very powerful if we adapt it to our life.

The advice I received may not work for you as the advice is very personal; it is usually given by someone who cares about us. However, it does not have to come from someone we know or who is alive now. It can come from someone who lived over a hundred years ago; maybe a quote from William Shakespeare or someone else who lived in the past.

We and only we can accept and adapt the advice to our well-being. The top three counselors in my life were people who cared about me without knowing they were going to make a difference in my life. Just by being who we are we make a difference in the lives of others.

When we make a commitment, we make a difference in the lives of others! If we can't give ourselves cash, let's at least give ourselves credit for being here and who we are.

The first bit of advice that I adapt daily is: "Let's stay close to God!"

The second tip that I adapt daily is: "We need to know that we are in control of our destiny."

The third tip that I adapt daily is: "It is not what we do not know that will hurt us but what we think we know without being so!"

Let's think about the advice we have received during our lives and focus on those that we have embraced in our hearts and that have helped us growing up.

Mike Marino, Jr., copyright 2012

Today's reflection is loaded with common sense (although this is not so common at all). On the one hand, advice is wise to point out that advice, although good, is useless unless we embrace it. And on the other, the author knows how to identify three magnificent pearls of wisdom that we would all do well not only to embrace but to implement on a daily basis. But, this last tip (the one to embrace and implement) will not do us any good either unless we do not take it for ourselves… we are the ones who have the last word! Go ahead and may the Lord bless you

Raul Irigoyen

The Thought Of The Chaplain.