"He wants to make something, find the way. He who does not want to do anything finds an excuse!" Anonymous

Today I want to share about the excuses or lies we tell ourselves for not achieving success in relationships, in marriage, at work, in short, in all areas of life. There is a French proverb that says: "He who excuses himself accuses himself ". This is translation of Excusatio non petita, accusatio manifests. "An unsolicited excuse is a manifest accusation." How many times in your life have you excused yourself?

Among the most common excuses in marriage we have:

- We have to talk (preferably by SMS or I send you an E-Mail, remind me your PIN)).
- I have the feeling that we are moving away.
- You never take the initiative, I always have to be me.
- We better give ourselves a few months to breathe.
- You are wonderful, sensitive, nice, funny, you have conversation ... but I need something more in my life.
- One thing is clear, it is not your fault, the problem is me. .
- Now it's different, there is no spark between us.
- I think our relationship has fallen into monotony, it is not like at the beginning.
- Sex is not the most important thing.
- I need someone to understand me.
- I need to be alone or alone ... to think.
- "My partner does not support me."

We have other excuses:

- Those who say "tomorrow I start." They also say: "In January I start the diet"
- "I have no time." "I have no money"
- "I am very shy." "I'm not a good seller."
- "Do not know anyone." "I'm not good at dealing with people."
- "The product is very expensive." "The market is in crisis."
- "My group is very lazy." "I don't have leaders in my group."
- I've already tried many times. Better not do anything, it will not work.
- It's not my fault.
- My family is like that. I was raised that way and I'm not going to change.
- I have no job.
- We always have.
- I'm not ready.
- I can not.

Excuses limit our potential, prevent us from taking risks and trying new paths.

The prominent writer and lecturer John Mason in one of his books says: "If you find an excuse, don't pick it up". It seems that we spend our lives making excuses. Don't be one of the people who say they're going to do something and then don't do it, to begin to explain why they didn't do it and say: "what happens is ..."

Stop excusing yourself, thinking about your weaknesses or defects, what you don't have and start doing something for yourself, and for your loved ones. Begin to see yourself as a winner for life. Say goodbye to excuses, take responsibility and commit to being the person you've dreamed of.

"Some people dream of success ... While others wake up and work hard to achieve it."

What we have just read confronts us with a decision: Will we continue to be experts in excuses for not succeeding? o Will we look for opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest? I invite you to make a list of all the things you have, of ten things you like about yourself, focus on the positive. And make a list of five things that you would like to achieve, once you do it, you send it to my email. Don't underestimate yourself. You are bigger than you think.

The solutions to the challenges you are going through are within you. Today is the best day to get out of excuses !!!

In love and leadership,

Pedro Sifontes
Personal Coach
[email protected]