"The worst decision is indecision." Benjamin Franklin.

Are you indecisive? Is it hard for you to make decisions? Are you one of the people who think a lot to make a decision and never make it?

Did you know that indecision is a decision. When people choose not to make a decision, they have already made one. So you must be ready to make a decision. Most people do not make decisions for fear of being wrong. Every day at home, at university or in the company we are faced with decisions that we must make.

One of the stories I share with the people I train is this: “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. She knows that she must outrun the lion or she will die. Every morning a lion wakes up. He knows that he must outrun the gazelle or he will starve. It doesn't matter if you are a lion or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you better be ready for action. "

Every day you must be ready to make decisions. You're probably wrong, but that's better than staying with the desire to never take it and wondering later what would have happened?

Not making decisions is for cowards, by the way God says that cowards will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. The same happens with the undecided, they will not conquer kingdoms or cities, nor will they win hidden treasures. Indecision does not lead to success, it leads to failure.

If you want to achieve your dreams you must know what you want. If you don't know what you want, you're going to live in the land of ingratitude, where there are only complaints, gossip, and criticism. In the land of ingratitude there is crying and pain, while in the land of gratitude there is peace and joy.


You decide how to live. Deciding is choosing, and God always expects us to choose. He gives us to decide between life and death, blessing or curse, complaint or gratitude. What is your decision today?

Now it is not just making a decision and choosing, you have to make that happen. Possibilities must be generated, God takes care of the impossible. We must do everything in our power to be the people we want to be.

What person do I want to be? What marriage do I want to have? What business would I like to develop? What relationships should I have? What trips do I want to do? And there are other questions that you must make decisions about, stop saying I don't know and focus on what you want, and act immediately.

"Action taken does not always bring happiness but there is no happiness without taking action." Benjamin Disraeli

Start today by making a list of all the decisions you will make. They are decisions that have to do with being, doing and having. Some decisions you can make today:

  1. I will be the friend my wife needs.
  2. I will have good friends.
  3. I will do physical exercises to keep in shape.

And the list can go on, there are things that are important to you. When you finish the list, think about the actions you have to take to achieve what you want. Today is the best day to decide. Make the decision to rise to the heights.

In love and leadership,

Pedro Sifontes
Personal Coach
[email protected]