Here's what you need to know about the walls of Jericho: They were huge. They encircled the city like armor, two concentric stone circles that rose a total of 12.19 meters above ground level. Impenetrable.

Here's what you need to know about the people of Jericho: They were fierce and cruel. They resisted all sieges and repulsed all invaders. They were guilty of sacrificing children. "They even burn their own children on their altars!" (Dt 12.31 tla). They were the Gestapo in a Bronze Age version, ruthless tyrants in the valleys of Canaan.

Until the day Joshua showed up. Until the day his army was launched. Until the day the bricks cracked and the rocks broke. Until the day when everything shook ... the stones of the walls, the knees of the king and the teeth of the soldiers. The impenetrable fort ran into the unstoppable force. Mighty Jericho crumbled.

 And here's what you need to know about Joshua: He didn't break down the walls. Josué's soldiers never had to swing a mallet. His men never moved a brick. They never broke down a door or rolled a stone.
The shaking, the shaking, the clatter and the collapse of the walls? God did it for them. And God will do it for you.
Your Jericho is your fear. Your Jericho is your anger, your bitterness and your prejudice. Your insecurity about the future. Your fault about the past. Your negativity, anxiety, and tendency to criticize, overanalyze, or compartmentalize. Your Jericho is any attitude or mentality that does not allow you to achieve joy, peace or rest.
Let God tear down your Jericho once and for all. Fear not, He will do it for you.