“And no one puts new wine into old wineskins, because then the wine will break the wineskin, and the wine and also the wineskins are lost; but new wine is poured into new wineskins. " Jesus.

Change is an issue that will not end, we live in a world of change, today we talk about the phenomenon of the child as it has affected the climate in the world, recently on this side of the world we see a nation in crisis affected by a great earthquake, but and that of the "phenomena" or "earthquakes" that you are experiencing as a person at home or at work. Emails arrive every day seeking advice, seeking help, they want a change in their life or they want to see a change in the situations they go through. For sure, dear reader, you are asking for change

What are those changes that you have always wanted to happen in your life? I'm sure most of us have that desire to change, to change our financial situation, change careers or work, change relationships, habits or even change the CD of bad thoughts, low self-esteem, insecurity and of the mistrust in your life. We all have that desire for change and those who believe they can do it alone are frustrated because they cannot. I believe that the change comes from God and it is He who produces and initiates the change.

"Nobody bathes twice in the same river." Heraclitus

Ask yourself, am I ready for the changes to come?
Many want changes but do not prepare, they think that if God wants to change them, He can do it. Of course He can do it, but He does not do it because it is a choice that is up to you and it is your responsibility to assume it. He produces wanting as well as doing, this tells me that I must do something about it, that is, I have my part in the change. And before we do something we have to prepare.

I want to leave you with a very simple checklist before going into the battle of those changes.

1. Know your reason. What is it that leads you to that change?
Most of us want something, but we really don't know why we want it. I illustrate it in the following way: Most of us think we want a house, but what we are really looking for is "comfort" or there are others who are looking for "security." When you get a powerful reason, be sure that change will come.

Another example is the following: some people want to quit their job to start their own business, that business in turn will give them what they are looking for, which is freedom of time and money to have fun with their family and friends. This is what they call "happiness" and some call it "peace."

What leads to a change in marriage is the need to feel loved, valued, and protected, as well as the need to feel respected, honored, and admired.

Take time to reflect, but not just think. You must feel what you want What do you want to feel? What is the feeling of being there? How is your body facing the possibility of that change? What emotions are triggered by that imminent change you seek?

2. Create the intention to win Do you want that change?
Create is a verb that I love. God is creator and created us in his image and likeness. It gave us the ability to create and not destroy. God does not want destruction, He is not looking for the destruction of homes or businesses, He does not create you for failure. His intention is always that we win in all areas of life. Before starting a change you should ask yourself: Do I really want those changes?
Before doing anything about the things you want in life ask yourself if you really want. Before entering any relationship, any business endeavor and in any battle in life make sure you really love. Don't do it because someone else wants it. Do it for you Without clear intention in what we do, it will be more difficult to put our heart into it.
If it is really what you want then you must at least have the intention to fulfill it. Remember that before entering any battle we must know that we have to win and the goal is win-win.
Don't do things just for the sake of doing them. What you do, do it to win. God does not sponsor failures.

3. Let go of what stops you. What's stopping you?
There are many things trying to prevent changes from happening, you need to shed all weight. What stops you you have to let go. For example, if we want to lose a few extra pounds that we grab in the month of December, what we need is to let go of laziness, bad eating habits and exercise.

My biggest enemy is me, it is not the people around me, it is not the devil. Sometimes we sleep with the enemy (bad habits, paradigms, beliefs or experiences of the past, negative attitude, doubt and disbelief, fears, fears, religiosity, ...) you need to identify what is stopping you and is robbing you of strength, and as the Apostle says Pablo, get rid of your old way of life. Remember that it is in your hands to let go of what is holding you back.

"Your dreams must be more powerful than your fears" Pedro Sifontes

You cannot pretend to achieve your dreams, living accompanied by fears. You cannot change when you resist change. If you want to change and be another person, the old has to go, you have to let go, you have to start dressing as the new person.
Today is a good day to start unleashing change in your life. I hope that this reflection helps you to rise and take you up in the heights.

In love and leadership,

Pedro Sifontes
Personal Coach
[email protected]