“Don't worry about what you don't understand about the Bible. Worry about what you understand and do not apply in your life. " Corrie ten boom

How many times have we found ourselves in a difficult situation, with a very big problem where we see no solution, we only see gray or black clouds above our head. We think that God has a hold on me, and we say to ourselves: "But I don't even hit one with God", "life is hard", "I should never have been born", "I should never have done this", "how was I so stupid" and stop counting the conversations and judgments we have about ourselves and the world around us. It makes me think about the life of Joseph the Dreamer, everything that he had to live before becoming the Governor of Egypt, he could have had that kind of conversation but what we learn from Joseph is his attitude to adversity.

How sad it would be if your life stopped there in the problem, missing out on many things that you can enjoy if you only changed your attitude about what can happen to you. Like Joseph the Dreamer, God can turn all evil into good.

There are many stories about attitudes, this one I found interesting: It's about the way a mother raised her child.

"He would go into his bedroom and wake him up at 5:30 AM, saying" Luis, today is going to be a great day. " But that was not what the boy wanted to hear at this time of the morning. His first job every day was to go out and bring the coal to light the fire and heat the house. He hated it.

One day, when his mother came into the room and said “It's going to be a great day,” Luis brusquely replied: “No, mom. It's going to be a disgusting day. I'm tired. The house is cold. I don't want to get up and bring coal. It's a horrible day! " Darling, she replied, I didn't know you felt that way. Why don't you go back to bed and get some more sleep? Why didn't I think about this before? He said to himself, believing he had hit the nail on the head.
He woke up two hours later. The house was hot, and I could smell the breakfast she was making. He got out of bed, dressed, and went to sit at the kitchen table. I'm starving, he said. I have rested well. Breakfast is ready. This is perfect.

Darling, said the mother, there is no food for you today. Do you remember you said it was going to be a horrible day? As a mother, I'm going to do my best to make you have a horrible day. Go back to your bedroom and stay there all day. You don't have permission to leave, and you're going to have little to eat today. We'll see you tomorrow at half past five. Luis returned to his bedroom discouraged and went to bed. He was able to sleep for another hour or so. But that was all a person can sleep on. He spent the whole day depressed in the room, with a hunger that grew with the passage of time. When it got dark he climbed back into bed and tried to sleep. He woke up several hours before dawn. He got dressed. He was sitting on the edge of the bed when his mother opened the door to his room at five thirty. Before she said anything, Luis jumped to his feet and said "Mom, it's going to be a great day."

What was true for Luis is true for you too. We can change our attitude towards God, towards life, towards other people. There may be things you can't change, but you can make your attitude more positive. When our attitudes exceed our abilities, even the impossible becomes possible. There are many benefits to staying positive.

Research has been carried out where it has been proven that staying positive brings advantages such as good health, long life, happiness, good relationships, job promotion, salary increase, good business, among other advantages. Being positive is not just a nice way to live, it is the way we should live, live with love, faith and hope.

Here are nine benefits of staying positive.

1. Positive people live longer - those who regularly express positive emotions live 10 years longer than average.

2. Positive, optimistic people get more than pessimistic people, those who say the situation is tough.

3. Positive people are capable of making better decisions under pressure.

4. Marriages are more likely to be successful when the couple experiences positive attitudes.

5. Positive people who regularly express positive emotions are more resilient in the face of stress, challenges, and adversity.

6. Positive people are able to keep a bigger perspective and see the big picture that helps them identify solutions where negative people keep a narrower perspective and tend to focus on problems.

7. Positive emotions like gratitude and appreciation help athletes function at a higher level.

8. Positive people have more friends who are a key factor in happiness and long life.

9. Positive, outgoing people are more likely to garner support from others, receive raises and promotions, and achieve the greatest success in the workplace.

Without going into analyzing each of the advantages, let's stay with the teaching. Let's keep a good attitude towards life, let's be positive. Don't become a defeatist, God doesn't sponsor failures or losers. There are issues in the bible that you understand and are clear for your life, put them into practice, obedience is the place where blessings fall. In many situations the message of Jesus was: "according to your faith, let it be done" and the author of the Hebrews reminds us: "without faith it is impossible to please God." Today is the best day to change our attitudes, to be positive in life. You can!

In love and leadership,

Pedro Sifontes

Lecturer and Leadership and Coaching Trainer. Founder and Director of the Center for Creative Leadership. Pastor of the Las Buenas Nuevas International Family Center, Panama.

Contact: [email protected]