There are two seas in Palestine.

One is fresh and full of fish, beautiful plants adorn its banks; the trees spread their branches over it and lengthen their thirsty roots to drink its healthy waters and children play on its beaches.

The Jordan River makes this sea with bubbling waters from the hills, which laugh at sunset. men build their houses nearby and birds their nests and all kinds of life are happy to be there.

The Jordan River runs south to another sea, here there are no traces of life, no murmurs of leaves, no birdsong, no children's laughter.
Travelers choose another route, only by urgency they cross it, the air is thick over its waters and no man, beast, or birds drink it.
What makes this big difference between neighboring seas?

It is not the Jordan River. He brings the same water to both of them. It is not the ground they are on, nor the field that surrounds them.

The difference is this:

The Sea of Galilee receives the river but does not hold it back. For every drop that reaches him, another comes out.

The other sea retains its income and every drop that arrives, remains there. They call it the Dead Sea.

What a great example that God gives us through nature. Let's learn to be a channel of blessing for others, if God blesses us with his love, let us give love to those around us, if He gives us forgiveness, let us offer forgiveness, we have all received something directly from heaven to continue flowing to others, do not allow it to stagnate there. More important in this life than winning alone is helping others win as well. Even if that means slowing down or changing course.

Acts 20:35 "It is more blessed to give than to receive"
Luke 6:38
Give, and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed, shaken and overflowing they will give in your lap; because with the same measure with which you measure, they will measure you again "