A young teenager stole a book from one of his schoolmates and showed it to his mother. She not only refrained from punishing him, but rather encouraged him. The next time he stole a cape and took it to his mother who again praised him.

The young man grew up and as an adult he was stealing more and more valuable things until one day he was caught in the act, and with his hands tied he was led to the scaffold for his public execution.

His mother followed him into the crowd and beat her chest violently in sadness. When he saw her, the thief said: "I want to say something to my mother in her ear."

She put her ear close to him, and he quickly bit her ear cutting it off. His mother claimed that he was a denatured son, to which he replied: “Ah! If you had reprimanded me in my first theft of that book, I would never have come to this and be sentenced to an ungrateful death.

The new tree is straightened tender so that it grows straight.

How terrible it is that when we look for the person responsible for the things we live today, we discover that we are ourselves! And it is that we will inevitably reap what we sow either in our own lives or in those of those around us. Today's reflection allows us to understand how the little things we do or allow ourselves to do end up defining the direction of our lives. When it comes to our children or those of those of people we love, let us be willing to correct them… what is at stake is their future. Will this be prosperous or full of bitterness? Each of us, if we are willing to intervene on behalf of these guys, can make a difference. Go ahead and may the Lord bless you.

Raul Irigoyen

Experience has taught me that those who sow evil reap misfortune. Job 4: 8

Whoever sows evil reaps misfortune; the Lord will destroy him with the scepter of his wrath. Proverbs 22: 8