I live in a beautiful and heavenly port in the state of Jalisco in Mexico. A place whose natural beauty invites you to walk. The sun was pointing towards sunset, it was the time when working moms pick up their children from kindergarten to go home.

I was walking absentmindedly on the island that is formed in the middle of the twin rivers of "El Cuale". Suspension bridges remain a feat and an object of admiration for curious tourists. That afternoon like few others, he enjoyed the walk outdoors through the green areas of what became a beautiful park.

I did not want to let go of my adventurous spirit and launched myself across the rustic suspension bridge. He took a step and the rest of the strings and boards moved, another step and he swayed even more.

I resembled a drunk man lurching from side to side on the ropes, barely holding me up. Just when we got to the middle of the bridge, it started to shake even more, forcing me to stay on the strings, with outstretched hands, it went up and down like a puppet.

The reason, a heavy lady furiously advanced on the bridge taking such strides causing it to rock even more strongly.

It came a few inches from where I was holding on to the teeth, stops and takes aviated back towards the edge of the bridge and there I am, going up and down holding the ropes looking down at the crystal clear waters of the river that they seemed to mock my lack of expertise.

Hugging the post of the arch of the bridge was a young boy of scarce five years crying, he did not dare to cross the suspension bridge that was shaking with fury.

The one who apparently was the mother, maintaining her balance as an expert "crosses hanging bridges", approached the child and, opening such jaws, begins to shout (imagine that you are the child of five years, your small stature, trembling with fear hugging post looking in terror not only at the mocking bridge that shook like a snake in the fire but at the "gigantic" mother whose mouth resembles that of a hippopotamus, you can almost see how the bell dances while splashing saliva as a string comes out of words he does not understand) -¡ !! son of %$ · ”% &…. Walk him !! It was the sweet and tender words of encouragement from the mother to her little son.

The lack of self-control blinds, does not allow reasoning and hurts like an arrow whoever crosses the path.

Let no stupid word come out of your mouth, but edification. Get rid of all bitterness, anger, rage, yelling, slander and malice. Be kind, merciful. Forgive each other. How God forgave you. Ephesians 4.29

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