There was a noblewoman, very rich, who had grown tired of life. it had everything a person could want except happiness and joy. She said: I am bored with life. I'm going to go to the river and I'm going to finish her off.

As she walked alone, she felt a small hand tugging at her skirt.

He looked down and saw a small, frail and apparently hungry boy pleading with him: We are six. We are starving!

The woman thought, why not relieve this wretched family? I have the means and my wealth will no longer be used when I die.

He followed the little boy and entered that scene of misery, disease and need. She opened the wallet and emptied its contents.

Family members stood by her side with joy and gratitude. Identifying herself even more with his needs, the rich woman said: I'll be back tomorrow, and I'm going to share with you more good things that God has abundantly given me!

She left that picture of need and misery happy that the boy had found her.

for the first time in his life he understood the reason for his wealth. He never thought about ending his life again, because it had no meaning or purpose.

Those who give joy to the life of others cannot hide it in themselves.

Galatians 6: 7
Don't be fooled; God cannot be mocked: for whatever man will sow, that will also reap.