The true voyage of discovery is not about looking for new territory but about having new eyes. " Marcel proust

We all know that change is happening; However, it is difficult for us to keep constantly learning. It is not often that people in leadership commit to learning for many reasons known as "The enemies of learning."

There are many leaders who are frustrated or discouraged with this learning, they feel that they are not growing, that they are not advancing in their work or business, nor in their lives. Many confuse learning with knowing or having knowledge, and the reality is that learning is change and all learning implies change.

When we learn we are leaving the comfort zone to go to a zone of expansion. That's what happens to many who are not learning: "we love being in the comfort zone."

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone to learn?

The key to learning is called observation. What are you observing in your world? How many times did you believe that what you saw was how you saw it? How many times have you thought that you are the possessor of the "truth"?

There is a fable of the fox and the grapes that illustrates it quite well.