Once upon a time, there was a traveler, who was walking through the desert when he reached the edge of a canyon. Looking for a way to cross it, he realizes that there is a long rope stretched out to the other side. As his eyes begin to follow the rope to the other shore; he is stunned to see a man walking towards him, confidently driving a wheelbarrow. Upon reaching the shore on his side, the traveler exclaims:

-That is awesome!

The man in the wheelbarrow asks him:

"Do you think I can do it again?"

"I'm sure it is," answers the traveler. "If you have done it with such confidence."

"Do you really think I can do it again?"

"Yes, definitely yes."

"Very well, all right," said the man with the wheelbarrow, "Get in and I'll take you to the other side."

Most of the time our lack of faith limits our possibilities.

Faith is believing enough to act. What happens is that at the moment of truth we are afraid to take the step and consequently we become paralyzed.

Fear always paralyzes and we end up being prisoners of the present. Many miss out on opportunities for fear of failure or the uncertain.

That is why fear is always defeated by faith.

Faith is believing enough to be open to the improbable, but we have to take the first step. As you can see, faith and courage go hand in hand.

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