Think about what kind of person you should be; You look at yourself in the mirror and perhaps you don't like the image it reflects at all, you want to break it into a thousand pieces and escape from there.

One of the words that repeatedly comes out of the mouth of God is "be strong." "Do your best, do not fear." "Make an effort, I am with you." "Strive now ...".
With his divine power, Jesus gives us everything we need to dedicate our lives to God. He gave us precious and valuable promises, which are the keys to success.

… ”Strive now to improve your life like this; to faith, add a character worthy of admiration; to the character worthy of admiration, add knowledge. To knowledge, add self-control; To self-control, add evidence to it; to constancy, add service to God, to service to God, add affection to your brothers in Christ and to that affection, add love. If all these things are present in their life and increase, then they will not be useless people… ”2Pedro 1.5-7 (The Word of God for all).

Faith + character + knowledge + self-control + perseverance + service + affection + love = SUCCESS

Faith. Believe the word, trust God.

Knowledge. Read, study God's Word.

Own domain. Take control of your emotions now, stop anger, stop anger, no clumsy words come out of your mouth but edification.

Constancy. Without looking at what is left behind, continue ... be firm, do not faint.

Service. Serving is a consequence of the above.

Affected. Friendship, camaraderie, solidarity, compassion.

Love. Love without condition, be docile and faithful.

If all these things are in your life and they increase ... and increase, and increase.

Push yourself, push yourself, push yourself.

Strive now to improve your life because God is on your side and wants to see you blessed and successful in life.

Psych. Patricia Villanueva

[email protected]