Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. Matthew 5: 7.

It is not fair that those who do not want to forgive should be forgiven, nor that those who refuse to give to the poor should be relieved of their needs. God will treat us the same way we treat others, and those who show themselves cruel owners and inflexible creditors will be treated severely by the Lord. "Because judgment without mercy will be done to him who does not show mercy."

Let's try to give and forgive today. Let's learn to suffer and endure. We do not form harsh judgments about people's behavior, we do not make illicit purchases; Let us not look for foolish quarrels, nor let us be discontent. Without a doubt we want to be blessed and we want to obtain mercy: let us be merciful.

To qualify for mercy, we meet the required conditions. Isn't it a nice duty to show ourselves kindness? Do we not find more sweetness in goodness than in anger, indignation and lack of generosity? There is certainly a blessing in this. 

Also, obtaining mercy is a rich reward. Only sovereign grace can make us such a promise.
Let us show our neighbors mercy in a few denarii and the Lord will forgive us "all that debt."

Today is a good day to practice mercy since in this way I will be a receptacle of divine mercy.

Lord, Thank you for extending your mercy to my life and showing me your eternal love, I want to be a channel of mercy for others. Amen.

Charles Spurgeon.
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