I will dwell and walk among them; and I will be their God, and they will be my people. 2 Corinthians 6:16.

Here there is reciprocity of interests. They both belong to each other. God is the portion of his people, and the chosen people are the portion of God. The saints find in God their main possession, and He regards them as his richest treasure. What a source of comfort this truth holds for every believer!

To this reciprocity of interests is added a reciprocity of feelings. God will always think of his people, and his people will think of him. Today the Lord will do everything for me. What can I do for Him? My thoughts must fly to Him at all times, because His thoughts are on me. I must be certain that it is so, and not be content that it must be so. There is also a mutual communion. God is in us and we are in Him; He walks with us, and we walk in Him. 

What a joyous communion! May I treat the Lord as my God, trusting Him and serving Him as He deserves! Oh, who could love, honor, worship and obey God in spirit and in truth! Such is the desire of my heart. When I do, I will have found heaven.

Today is a crystal clear opportunity to understand how God's company sustains me.

Lord help me! Be my God, teaching me to know you as my God for the love of Jesus Christ! Amen.

Charles Spurgeon.
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