Because whoever has, will be given, and will have more. Matthew 13:12.

When the Lord has given a person a lot of grace, He will undoubtedly grant him even more. First it gives you a little faith, then it increases it. But it is not a question of a feigned faith, but a real and true faith. How much need we have, who have received much, to show our religion by means of works, and to avoid making profession with words when we have nothing! Because sooner or later this our very profession will be taken from us, if this is all we have.

The threat is as true as the promise. Blessed be God! He has begun to pour out the gifts of his Spirit on us and continues to do so in such a way that even he who possessed little, but truly possessed it, has an abundance. We must crave this abundance of graces. 

It would be good to know a lot, but it would be better to love a lot. It would be good to have a lot of ability to serve God, but it would be better to have great faith and trust the Lord to grant us this ability.

Lord, since You have given me the feeling of sin, hatred against evil increases in me; since You have given me faith in Jesus Christ, increase this faith in me to certainty. Since You have given me the grace to love You, grant me that I may be raptured by a burning love for You. I know that if I am faithful with what God has given me, he will add more to me.

Lord, thank you that you overflow me with your grace and love. Amen.

Charles Spurgeon.

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