I will put him on high, because he has known my name. Psalm 91:14.

Are these words directed at me? Certainly, if I know his name. Blessed be the Lord because his name is known to me. Indeed, I have experienced him, I have known him, and therefore I trust him. I know his name as that of a God who hates sin, because the convincing virtue of his Spirit has known that he will never compromise with evil.

But I also know him in Jesus Christ as the God of forgiveness, because he has blotted out all my transgressions. His name is fidelity and as such I know him, since he has never forsaken me even though my sufferings have been multiplied. This knowledge is a gift of his grace, and for this very reason, the Lord grants me another grace, that is, to put me on high, which is grace upon grace.  

If we climb the heights, our position can be dangerous to us; but if the Lord places us there, we will be safe. Perhaps he will put us in a very useful position, in an eminent experience, in a success of our service, in directing a work, in being the father of the little ones. If not, perhaps He can lift us up through intimate communion with Him, through clear and deep knowledge, through triumphant holiness, or through glorious anticipation of eternal life. When God lifts us up, Satan will not be able to bring us down. May our experience be throughout the day!

Today the assurance that God will lift me up, inspires me and challenges me.

Lord Thank you for giving me your support and your kindness. If I'm knocked down you lift me up Amen.

Charles Spurgeon.
Bank of Faith Check Book.