And I'll give you back the years the lobster ate. Joel 2:25.

Indeed, these wasted years that make us groan will be restored to us. God is rich enough in grace to make the remaining years of life so fruitful for his service, as the years of our unconversion, that we cry with tears of penance because of his sterility.

Today we regard as a terrible plague the locusts of apostasy, worldliness and lukewarmness. I wish they had never approached us! But the Lord of mercies has driven them away, and now we are full of zeal to serve him. Blessed be his holy name!; we can reap such a harvest of spiritual goods that our past barrenness will be forgotten. 

By the Lord's grace we can take advantage of our bitter experience and use it to admonish others. Because of our past insufficiency, we become more deeply rooted in humility, in childlike dependency. The vigilance and circumspection we have acquired help us to make up for lost time more safely. The wasted years, by a miracle of love, can be restored to us. Isn't this an extraordinary grace for the recognition of your weakness?

Today the divine promise is that he will give us back what the lobster ate. God is the God of miracles.

Lord, help us with your grace! Help us see your miraculous power in action and completely depend on you. Amen.

Charles Spurgeon.
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