"I will give you hidden treasures and closely guarded secrets, so that you may know that I am Jehovah, the God of Israel, who I name" Isaiah 45: 3

Today, I come to life to face any kind of situation that could shake my steps. How can I go out with confidence? When I read the word of God, I find in it beautiful treasures that strengthen my spirit and encourage me in my daily journey. The divine word at this moment gives me one of God's beautiful promises. I will give you the hidden treasures.

Today, many will take to the streets and highways desperate because they want to find treasures that will make them rich and secure according to their own conception of life. Many will end this day tired, anguished and desperate because they could not achieve those treasures… ..but God's promise to me today is: I will give you the hidden treasures.

What hidden treasures does God promise me today? The treasures of his divine words and promises. There is NO greater treasure that being human can enjoy than the promises of God and the truths that through his word come to our hearts. We can have money, checks, cards, bank accounts and not have any treasure, because the true treasure is that of the heart. When we daily fill our hearts with his word we are treasuring up for eternal life. Also, Today, the Lord promises to give me the closely guarded secrets. Treasures and secrets. It is NOT true that man search for treasures and secrets? Those treasures and secrets have a purpose. Why does God want to give me treasures and secrets? So you know that he is the Lord. So says today's verse .. So you know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, that I name you.

The treasures and secrets that I find today in the word are not for my pride and pride, they are for me to know who the Lord is. That is what I need. Today, I need to know who the Lord is and I know it when I find his hidden treasures and his well kept secrets. His treasures and secrets will reveal his love, kindness, mercy and his plans for me.

Lord: Thank you that your promises are sweet and special. Thank you for the strength of your love. Thank you because on this day I will be able to find the hidden treasures and well-kept secrets, which are reserved for those who seek them. I know, Lord, that treasures cannot be found without effort and work and secrets cannot be revealed without discernment and dedication. Help me on this day to have the strength, the work, the diligence and depart with your word to find what you have promised me.

Serafin Contreras Galeano