The land you are lying on I will give to you. Genesis 28:13

There is no promise of any particular interpretation: the promises are not addressed to just one saint, but to all believers. If you, my brother, can lean on this promise and rest on it like a pillow, it will be yours. The place that Jacob "found" and where he rested is the same one that he later took possession of.

When his weary limbs rested on the ground, when the stones served as a pillow, he did not imagine that he was taking possession of that country. However, it did.

During the dream, he saw a wonderful staircase that, for the true believer, connects heaven with earth. Undoubtedly, he had the right to own the land where the bottom rung of the ladder rested; otherwise it was not possible to reach the divine ladder.

In Jesus, all the promises are "Yes" and "Amen." And just as Christ belongs to us, so his promise also belongs to us if all our faith rests on Him.

Come, weary soul; accept the Lord's words as your pillow. Rest in peace.

Think only of Him. Jesus is the luminous ladder. See how the angels rise and fall on Him, between your soul and God; rest assured that the promise is the portion that God gives you; if you take it, as if it were made exclusively for you, you will not steal it; it's up to you.

Today, the Lord will share rest with me through his promises. His promises share peace. Although we have been through struggles and trials, when the promise burns life in us it brings us rest.

Lord, Today I come before you troubled to receive from you the rest that my soul so much needs. I believe it and I enjoy it in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Carlos Spurgeon.
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