"When Christ, your life, appears, then you will appear with him in glory" Colossians 3: 4.

Today, I lift my gaze to eternity and I will be able to look even beyond the clouds at the glorious manifestation of the Son of God. Glorious manifestation that was unfolded on the day of the ascension, being received in glory after its conquest on Calvary. King of kings and Lord of lords, seated at the right hand of the Father with Power and majesty.

Today I lift my gaze and contemplate its beauty and I say wonderful, how wonderful is the Savior and my Lord. Manifested in Glory. But, the Bible gives me promise of hope that one day he will be manifested in his glory visibly in the clouds and together with him I will be manifested in glory.

While it is true that we will be manifested in glory with him, I must never forget that I need to prepare for it. Life cannot be taken as isolated episodes of my daily life. I need to prepare for the next episodes. Life is like a drama where actors need to prepare and dress before entering the scene. Many are those who enter the scenes of life unprepared and their roles are mediocre and the dramas of their lives breathless, tasteless and colorless.

The greatest drama in which I will act will be the day in which the Lord is manifested in glory and together with him, we will be manifested. Today, I take this day as the precious opportunity to prepare for that manifestation. How will I prepare? - I will prepare myself looking for dependence in the one who lives forever. I will prepare by living on their promises and obeying their demands. I will prepare myself by being a useful instrument in his hands and transmitting his glory as a pure and clean channel that lives through him and for him.

Heavenly Father, Thank you for your generosity and grace showered upon us in the person of your beloved son Jesus Christ. In him we have the provision for this time and for eternity. He died so that we can be forgiven and He lives so that we can live. He will return and be manifested in glory as you have already determined. Father in your grace and mercy we too will be manifested together with him in glory.

Help me to live today in such a way that I can prepare for the next glorious scene that will take place in the clouds, when the heavens open and the eyes of the saints see the greatest manifestation of glory. As Jesus returns we will live for you and truly worship you from the heart. Amen.

Dr. Serafín Contreras Galeano.