"Therefore, take the whole armor of God, so that you can resist in the bad day, and having finished everything, stand firm." Ephesians 6:13.

Today, I will not only try to dress appropriately for my work or to go to school, but in addition to that, I need to dress appropriately to go out into the spiritual world.

The Apostle Paul guides me today, that we do not have a fight against blood and flesh, but against principalities, against powers and against rulers of darkness and therefore ... for that reason ... I cannot walk carelessly and not worry about dressing appropriately today to face such battles. Today I need to take the whole armor of God.

How much rest I get when I think that it is not my armor, but the armor of God ... this makes me understand that although it is true that I will be involved in spiritual battles today, it is also true that God has equipped me for that purpose.

I do not have to look for my own spiritual garments ... the armor I need is the armor of God ... and what if I should do is get closer to him today ... to God, as my boss and captain to receive from him ... the appropriate armor . And I need to dress with all ... not with a part, but with all.

Why should I wear the full armor of God today?

To be able to resist in the bad day. What is that bad day? The day when things seem to get complicated ... It's not that the days are bad in themselves ... but the things that happen in the day make us see the day as bad.

The bad day could be today and I need to resist… ..not run away… .I don't want to be one of those who run away on the bad day. The world is filling with people fleeing but not facing. Now, I cannot face without being well dressed in the full armor of God.

The verse ends by telling me: And having finished everything, stand firm. Oh yeah. The bad day does not always last ... all the unpleasant and dark will end.

As difficult as the situation is… .it will always end… .but the most dramatic conclusion will be… that when all that dark, bad and terrible ends… .I am still standing firm. And I will stand firm not by my own strength ... but by God's strength.

Lord, what satisfaction I feel knowing that you are taking me to new experiences today. Hard experiences because today could be a day of battle… but you give me the armor and I want to put it all on, to be able to resist ……. And when I resist I will see your power in action within me and through me.

When all the bad and difficult ends today… .with a smile I will raise my face before you and before the world because I will still stand firm ”. Amen.

Serafin Contreras Galeano
[email protected]