Once upon a time, there was an 8-year-old boy who instinctively answered his home phone and whispered, "Hello." The voice on the other end said, "Yeah well, is your mom at home?" the boy replied, "Yes, but she's busy," "Is your dad at home?" "Yeah but he's busy too ..." "Well, is there another adult in your house that I can talk to?" "Yes, there is a policeman and a firefighter" "Could I speak to one of the two?" "No, they are busy too." "Well, what is everyone doing that is so busy?" There was a very long pause and then the boy replied, "They are looking for me."

When we are guilty, we instinctively run for cover; I think that answer is woven into our genes. Hiding was exactly what Adam and Eve did when God went looking for them after they had eaten the forbidden fruit. However, hiding is not the best option to deal with our guilt since guilt is not solved when we hide it, deny it, or cover it up.

The next time you feel guilty, thank God that you can still feel. I say that because when that feeling of guilt ceases to exist in the human soul, it means that we have become insensitive, and insensitive people become more and more capable of taking on destructive attitudes and activities towards others.

That feeling of guilt is good because it has the potential to keep us human. On the other hand, guilt can eat us from the inside out; murdering peace and our freedom to function. That kind of guilt is usually associated with some gigantic mistake or a major fault that we committed in the past.

When guilt takes control of our souls it will suffocate our lives. So when that kind of guilt floods your life the only antidote is God's Grace.

As you can see, God understands our faults and our mistakes. And even when God is sad with us. He is willing to forgive all our faults and mend our broken hearts. All you have to do is ask.

And when he does, God exchanges our guilt for his Grace. So the next time you water it, make a mistake or fail, ask God for forgiveness and I guarantee that God will be willing to forgive you.

Jorge Cota