The ants, not strong people, And in the summer they prepare their food; Proverbs 30:25
(Of the smallest on earth, counted among the wise)

Hymenopteran insect of different species, generally living in colonies installed in underground galleries. Males have wings and are shorter-lived; females also have wings but lose them after the nuptial flight. In its admirable social organism there are also workers.

They do not have wings and are in charge of looking for food, preparing nests, cleaning and taking care of females, males and larvae ...

In the Bible, Solomon mentions ants as an example of industriousness and far-sighted wisdom. They are governed perfectly without having a governor, captain, or lord.

They live in society, in ant hills where they are secluded in the winter ...

They are called a people who are not strong, but are wise, which leads me to meditate that it is not being strong that can lead me to be wise, if not, being wise leads me to be strong ... ... a people who prepare in the summer to fill up in winter

How much are we preparing for the winter of our lives? 

Did you know that every human being will go through a summer and a winter, the productive years are the summer of our life, and the winter is old age, the years of our retirement, when physical forces are declining ... and the time comes to drink what we sow in the summer; in other words, harvest or collect the sheaves of that long or short sowing that we have carried out ...

Be it good or bad ... I remember that on one occasion I was waiting for the traffic light to change, which led me to observe an old man who was begging for alms, immediately I felt a lot of compassion, and I thought how sad his life was, Where would I sleep? Who would I live with? Etc., but then it came to my mind, how would your life have been when you were young? How did I get to this condition?….

Hebrews 6:10 Because God is not unjust to forget your work and the work of love that you have shown towards his name, having served the saints and still serving them ...

Let us never forget that God is just and therefore in that heavenly Bank everything we do for Him and for Him will have great compensation.

Because you do not know the evil that will come on earth.

Ecclesiastes. 7.11 ...

In every life there will be good and bad, we will always go through years full of blessing, but also through difficult years, and it is there in those moments when we will really need the help of others ... and they are probably not the same people you served. those that help you, but one thing I do know, that the account is held in heaven, and not here on earth ... therefore it is not important where our help will come from, we just have to know that God will send it.

And have you already started to prepare? Friend, every life has a winter and a summer, the very creation of the Lord, brings us wisdom ... The ants, people who are not strong, And in the summer they prepare their food ... let's remember that it is not being strong that can lead me to be wise If not, being wise leads me to be strong.

Dear friend, dear friend, as always two options, preparing for the winter of our life, or we pass as simple, and suffer the consequences in old age. It's up to you.

Seeds of Life
Elsa de Morán
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