Life, is an Mirror

They asked Mahatma Gandhi what are the factors that destroy the human being. He replied thus:

Politics without principles,

Pleasure without compromise,

Wealth without work,

Wisdom without character,

Business without morals,

Science without humanity and

Prayer without charity.

Life has taught me that people are kind, if I am kind;

that people are sad, if I am sad;

that everyone loves me, if I love them;

that they are all bad, if I hate them;

that there are smiling faces, if I smile at them;

that there are bitter faces, if I am bitter;

that the world is happy, if I am happy;

that people are angry, if I am angry;

that people are grateful, if I am grateful.

Life is like a mirror: If I smile, the mirror smiles back.

The attitude that I take towards life is the same that life will take towards me.

"He who wants to be loved, let him love."

The only reason you are happy is because you decide to be happy ...

And true happiness begins with Jesus living in me.