The Bible is the story of men and women who many times failed God. But it is also the story of the many opportunities that God gives them.

Abraham he makes mistakes and fails, over and over again, and yet God does not stop giving him what He had promised him.

Jacob He was stubborn and selfishly wants to have blessings and it is God who, time after time, teaches him that the blessing is in putting his trust in Him.

The people of Israel who for 40 years distrusts, complains and wanders through the desert and it is God who for 40 years guards, protects and loves them and finally takes them to the land that He promised them.

Samson, who often strays from God's ways, does his will and does not fulfill his promises and yet God continues to love him and fulfills his purposes and promises in him.

David, who asks to be examined even for his sins that are hidden from him, but which are horrifying with those that are public. But still God sees in him his faith and the intention of his heart, and forgives him, making him an example of integrity.

The apostlesImperfect, men who aspire to and yearn to live a life of perfection. And they sincerely promise and promise again. But God makes them witnesses of his love and his power.

Something similar happens with us. We make sincere promises that we fail over and over again, We promise and we promise again. We fail and fail again. and God knows it, and this does not diminish his love and his great mercy, waiting for us to return to him.

What God longs for is ours determination to insist, to continue, to stubbornly promise again and yearn for the life that God expects of his own.

Get up. Try again. Retry. Do not let yourself be defeated and believe in your God, who is a God of new opportunities.

And remember that the important thing It is not who wins or loses the battles but who wins the war. And God has promised us victory. Because God wants it and that God will finally do.


Pedro Martin Rodenas