If only I could follow the commandments as well and as easy as my dog ...


I've practically always had dogs in my life. In fact, I don't remember too many occasions in which a creature that needed a walk, food, grooming and playing games was not around in our home. tug of war.

There was one dog in particular that had a profound impact on my life. Her name was Beatrice. He came into our lives when he was about eight years old. He was a beautiful German Shepherd who suffered from a rapidly progressing degenerative myelopathy.

This condition slowly eats away at the spinal cord and causes the loss of the functionality of the legs and, when the time comes, the ability to breathe. During the two years that she survived her condition and that she lived with us, I learned everything about dogs, about love and life, about God:

The simple concept of joy that dogs have for me is a mystery. Their happiness seems to be connected to how great their hope is and how much they are willing to be vulnerable, as well as finding satisfaction in the little things.

It occurs to me that if we wanted to know a similar happiness, we would have to open ourselves to the Holy Spirit, be willing to maintain hope and see the value of the small gifts that God grants us, daily.

No one rests more sincerely than a dog! It is true that God tells us that we need to rest once a week on the Lord's Day, but also the example of dogs can help us to live more fully if we invest in our leisure time, so that it is not just another task that there is what to do when there is no work, but a time of sincere relaxation.