There are little eyes that watch you, and they do it day and night;

There are little ears that soon receive every word you express;

There are little hands that eagerly yearn to do everything you do.

And a little boy who dreams of the day when he becomes like you.

You are the little boy's idol, you are the wisest among the wise.

And suspicion is never raised in her little mind of you.

Devoutly believe in yourself, and believe everything you say and do.

And when he grows up like you, he will say and do things the same as you.

There is a watchful-eyed little boy who always thinks you're right.

And his ears are always attentive, and he watches you day and night.

And in everything you do every day, you set the example.

To the little boy who hopes one day to grow up, and be just like you.

Children believe in their parents and want to be equal to them, they are the most important people in their lives. For the rest of their lives they will remember the example they have been set. Enjoy the time you spend with your children and grandchildren. It is one of the greatest gifts that you can give them.

Psalm 128: 5-6
Bless you Jehovah… all the days of your life… and see your children's children.