"A big heart gets filled with little".
Antonio Porchia (1886-1968) Argentine writer of Italian origin

Leslie Kiegel is a Christian leader in Sri Lanka. It has stimulated the planting of more than a thousand churches in a predominantly Muslim culture. A man I know personally and who conveys the character of Christ. His ministry has impacted many people because when proclaiming the message of Christ in that culture, the message is followed by signs and miracles. In a devotional that he shared in a work team where 8 people were, he related an experience lived one morning with one of his daughters, barely 7 years old.

Leslie was reading the Bible and praying sitting in an easy chair in her living room while having a cup of tea. His little daughter entered the living room of his house where he was and running came and hugged him with the tenderness of a girl trusting in the love of her father. Leslie kissed her and told her that she loved her and the girl placed her childish face on her father's chest and in a few seconds she removed her face from his chest in amazement and asked her father. Dad, what does a drum sound like in your chest?

Leslie, he replied, is the heart. She asked, What is the heart ?, and her father explained simply that it was a pump placed by God to propel blood through her body.

She asked… And do I have one too? Yes, we all have one. The girl put her head back on her father's chest to continue listening.

"The heart is a child: it expects what it wants." Russian proverb

At that moment, Leslie says, that he meditated on that fact and sat down to examine when was the last time he had heard the heart of God.

Many times, troubled, anguished or with many plans on our mind, we forget to put our head on God's chest to listen to his heartbeat.


The best part of life is learning to listen to the heartbeat of God.

“It happened that while on his way, he entered a village; and a woman named Marta welcomed him into her home.

She had a sister named Mary, who, sitting at the feet of Jesus, heard his word.

But Marta was preoccupied with many chores, and coming closer, she said: Lord, aren't you careful that my sister lets me serve alone? So tell him to help me.

Answering Jesus, he said to her: Martha, Martha, you are troubled and troubled with many things.

But only one thing is necessary; and Mary has chosen the good part, which will not be taken from her ”. Luke 10: 38-42

The Bible speaks of two women. They were both sisters, but one, Martha was very busy with her daily pressures and Mary her sister chose to listen to God's heartbeat and because of this, Jesus said that she had chosen the best part and it would not be taken away from her.

In the midst of the daily pressures of life and the permanent anguish and demands of our existence we need to learn from Mary to place our head on the chest of God through prayer, meditation and silence to capture the pulsations of her heart. and there, in the stillness of the soul, understand that in his deep and tender love, God asks us for three things ... Remember ... Recognize and Test.


"When you drink water, remember the source."
Chinese proverb

Have you not known, have you not heard that the eternal God is the Lord, who created the ends of the earth? He does not faint or weary with weariness, and his understanding is not reached by anyone. Isaiah 40:28

He is God, he is Lord, Creator, he never gets tired or faint and his understanding transcends the circumstances. When we get anxious, wake up and worry, we are forgetting that God is still in control of everything. We do not have control but a small part of our life. What we cannot control, God can control. It was He who controlled the storm at sea when the disciples in the boat believed that they would die while Jesus slept in the boat. HE got up and shouted to the storm ... "Hush ... be silent" and nature obeyed him.

If today we listen to the beating of his heart ... from his heart he will tell us, "I will get up and reprimand the internal tempest of your mind, your soul and your emotions and I will tell you ..." Shut up ... be mute "but remember that I still have control of the universe and you are very important in this universe.


"The man, in general, only knows how to recognize his happiness to the extent of the misfortune he has experienced."
Muslih-Ud-Din Saadi (1184-1291) Persian poet.

When you remember who God is then you will recognize that:

"He gives effort to the weary and multiplies the strength to those who have none." Isaiah 40:29

Yes, you are tired or weary and dejected by the many difficulties that have blown like merciless winds, but you need to remember that divine resources are more abundant than the demands of life. When we already feel that there is no strength at all, it lifts us up and the power of its presence revitalizes us. But where do I find that strength? Listening to the heartbeat of God.


"Nature has perfections to show that it is the image of God and imperfections to prove that it is only an image". Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) French scientist, philosopher and writer.

When you remember and recognize then you will prove and the proof will be irrefutable that his promises are real.

“The boys get tired and weary, the young people falter and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will have new strength, they will lift wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and they will not get tired ”. Isaiah 40: 30,31

Renewal, vitality, strength, enthusiasm, a peace that goes beyond our understanding and an internal fire will lift us up in a swift flight, impressive as the eagle. The eagle is known as the King of the air, capable of soaring above storms to glide with majesty, safety and beauty. Every time I see an eagle fly it reminds me of this promise. Barriers are dropped, obstacles are minimized, and faith grows with beauty and enthusiasm.

When was the last time you heard God's heartbeat?

Haven't you met him alone because you were crying your loneliness on the night of your life?

Why don't you try it right now?

When you place your head on the Master's chest you will be surprised to hear his heartbeat telling you… Remember, .. Recognize and Test. And then you will say like Leslie's daughter… "I have one too"? And God will tell you ... You also have a heart ... because I gave it to you to link with mine.

Dr. Serafín Contreras Galeano.