The attitude of asking for forgiveness and forgiving is an attitude that powerfully heals, liberates, and restores.

We need the power of forgiveness to obtain the peace we need in our life.

Human beings live many circumstances in life and we are frequently immersed in dramas and emotions that alter our life and affect us in many areas.

Many of these circumstances cause us pain and frustration. Sometimes we are the ones who cause pain and suffering to other people. The people with whom we are most exposed to hurt and be hurt are those who are closest to us, starting with the spouse, children and family. The truth is that it is impossible in this life not to hurt or be hurt. This reality affects all human beings, some more than others; but in the end we all suffer.

Offenses are poisonous vectors that attack a person and deposit on him a quantity of frustration, rejection, resentment, pain and revenge. If that poison is not removed from the emotional system of the injured person; that person will be influenced by those negative feelings that will lead them to rebel and prepare for revenge or severe depression.

James 3: 2 We all offend many times. Matthew 6:14 and 15 Therefore, if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you; but if you do not forgive men their offenses, neither will your Father forgive your offenses. It is evident that all human beings offend many times and many of them unconsciously; but God's instruction is absolutely mandatory: we must forgive yes or yes. God does not give us any other option.

Matthew 18: 21-22 Then Peter came to him and said, "Lord, how many times will I forgive my brother who sins against me?" Up to seven? Jesus said to him: I do not tell you up to seven, but even up to seventy times seven. The second instruction is that we must always forgive, that is, forgiving must be an attitude, a lifestyle. If human nature has the weakness to offend many times, we need to develop a forgiving attitude because this attitude is the reflection of Jesus Christ the son of God.

HE came to teach us to forgive unconditionally and even to death. Therefore we need to decide to imitate HIM so that our life is strengthened and we mature spiritually. It is not easy, but it is possible. That is why the word of God tells us: I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me (Phil: 4:13)

In today's world we can see more than ever in the history of humanity a human band every day more full of grudges, hatred, sadness and depression. We need the power of forgiveness. The only way to obtain that level of forgiveness is connected to the source of forgiveness: Christ Jesus, through a close relationship with Him, seeking His presence every day, reading His word, attending Church and making the decision to unconditionally obey Him. Then the power of forgiveness and that peace that we long for will come to us.

If you need the power of forgiveness, start by asking God for forgiveness for holding a grudge and hardening your heart. There are things that are very difficult to forgive, however the mandate is unconditional, because it is the only way to obtain the peace we need. Once we are free from resentment, we can deal with problems in a different, more uplifting way.

Make the decision today to live a forgiving attitude with your partner. No more question its imperfect nature. Make the decision to connect to God, forgive God's way, and you will have peace God's way. If you are unable to forgive, seek support from a trained spiritual leader, but do not stay with the poison because it is deadly and will kill you and the people around you. To forgive in God's way you must go talk to each of the people who offended you and express your pain for the sole purpose of forgiving and healing. If the person no longer exists, do so with your Pastor or Spiritual Leader.

And do it soon. The sooner you remove the poison from the system, the sooner you will receive the peace and prosperity you long for.

Your marriage and your family is the most valuable treasure that God has given you. Take care of him!

Luis and Hannia Fernandez

[email protected]