“I was 16 years old and I was living with my parents in the Institute that my grandfather had founded 18 miles outside the city of Durban, in South Africa, in the middle of sugar plantations.

We were well into the country and had no neighbors, so my two sisters and I were always excited to be able to go to the city to visit friends or go to the movies.

One day my father asked me to take him to the city to attend a conference that lasted all day and I jumped at the opportunity.

As I was going to the city, my mother gave me a list of things from the supermarket that I needed and since I was going to spend all day in the city, my father asked me to take care of some pending things like taking the car to the garage.

When I said goodbye to my father, he said to me: -See you here at 5 PM and we go home together.-

After very quickly completing all the assignments, I went to the nearest cinema. I got so focused on the movie, a John Wayne stunt double that I forgot about time. It was 5:30 PM when I remembered. I ran to the garage, got the car, and hurried to where my father was waiting for me. It was almost 6 PM

He asked me anxiously, "Why are you late?" I felt bad about that and couldn't tell him I was watching a John Wayne movie. So I told him that the car was not ready and I had to wait. I said this without knowing that my father had already called the workshop.

When he realized that I had lied, he told me: -Something is not right in the way I have raised you that has not given you the confidence to tell me the truth. I am going to reflect on what I did wrong with you. I'm going to walk the 18 miles home and think about this.

So dressed in his suit and elegant shoes, he began to walk home along paths that were neither cemented nor lighted. I couldn't leave him alone… So I drove 5 and a half hours behind him… Watching my father suffer the agony of a stupid lie that I had told.

I decided from there that I was never going to lie again.

Someone once asked the great Aristotle:

- "What is gained by lying?"
- "Don't believe you when you tell the truth" replied the philosopher.

Psalm 119: 29
Remove from me the way of lies, And in your mercy grant me your law.
Proverbs 13: 5
The righteous hates a false word;
Psalm 32: 2
Blessed is the man to whom God does not blame iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit.
Psalm 34:13
Keep your tongue from evil, And your lips from speaking deceit.