David was bringing his brothers food to the battlefront when he saw Goliath. He wasn't thinking of becoming a hero, he just took the opportunity other soldiers only dreamed of.

Opportunities will take us by surprise, and if we are not alert and prepared, we will miss them. What the others discovered in David that day had been there all along!

If we are leaders, we already have the necessary talent to lead. But courage is what will establish us as leaders in front of others. The people we worship the most demonstrate courage: on the front lines, at the Board meeting, to defend the defenseless, or simply to try what no one else thought possible.

We could say: “But I don't have the money! Let's not worry: capital follows value. The "what" always precedes the "how." Let's not be intimidated by the numbers. God is not driven by spreadsheets and market conditions… He is driven by faith.

Let's not let the "how" intimidate us. It is because the “how” is so challenging that it provides us with a great opportunity. If the road to success were well lit, it would already be crowded. If the "how" was not a problem, someone else would have already solved it.

All progress begins with a question: "What needs to be done?" And someone needs to ask that question… why not us?

The future belongs to those who have the courage to ask that question and the faith to persevere until they discover the answer. When the obstacles look too great and the opposition too strong, let us stand firm on this Scripture: "Let us not be afraid or faint ... for there is a greater power in us than in him."

Unknown author; submitted by Moses Thavheni
Source: http://www.motivateus.com/

Today's thought fills us with enthusiasm and holy expectation for what God wants and can do through each one of us if we only put ourselves in His hands.
I love it when the author of it declares that God is not impressed by the numbers or the circumstances that could surround us at some point, but acts on the basis of our faith.
Arm ourselves with courage and faith, believe the Lord who not only created us but also saved us with purpose and dare to be all that He designed us to be.
Go ahead and God bless you.

Raul Irigoyen
The Chaplain's Thought