You are not depressed, you are distracted

You are not depressed, you are distracted, distracted from the life you populate.

Distracted from the life around you: dolphins, forests, seas, mountains, rivers. Do not fall for what your brother fell, who suffers for a human being when there are 5,600 million in the world. Furthermore, it is not so bad to live alone.

I have a good time, deciding at every moment what I want to do, and thanks to loneliness I know myself, something fundamental to live.

Do not fall for what your father fell, who feels old because he is 70 years old, forgetting that Moses led the exodus in the 80's and Rubinstein interpreted Chopin like nobody else in the 90's. Just to name two known cases.

You are not depressed, you are distracted, so you think you lost something, which is impossible, because everything was given to you. You did not make a single hair on your head, therefore you cannot own anything. Also, life doesn't take things away from you, it frees you from things. It lightens you so that you fly higher, so that you reach fullness. From cradle to grave is a school, so what you call problems are lessons.

You did not lose anyone, the one who simply died, was ahead of us, because there we all go. Also the best of him, love, is still in your heart. Who could say that Jesus is dead? There is no death: there is change. And on the other side, wonderful people await you: Gandhi, Michelangelo, Whitman, Saint Augustine, Mother Teresa, your grandmother and my mother, who believed that poverty is closer to love, because money distracts us with too many things, and we away because it makes us distrustful.

Do only what you love and you will be happy, and the one who does what he loves is blessedly condemned to success, which will come when it should come, because what should be will be, and will come naturally. Do not do anything out of obligation or commitment, but out of love. Then there will be fullness, and in that fullness everything is possible. And without effort because you are moved by the natural force of life, the one that lifted me when the plane fell with my wife and daughter; the one that kept me alive when the doctors diagnosed me 3 or 4 months old.

God put a human being in charge, and you are yourself. You must make yourself free and happy, then you can share the true life with others.

Remember Jesus: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Reconcile with yourself, face the mirror and think that this creature you are seeing is the work of God; and decide right now to be happy because happiness is an acquisition.

Also, happiness is not a right but a duty, because if you are not happy, you are embittering all those who love you. A single man who had neither the talent nor the courage to live had six million Jewish brothers killed.

There are so many things to enjoy and our time on earth is so short that suffering is a waste of time. We have to enjoy the winter snow and the spring flowers, the Perugia chocolate, the French baguette, the Mexican tacos, the Chilean wine, the seas and the rivers, the Brazilian soccer, The Thousand and One Nights, the Divine Comedy, Don Quixote, Pedro Páramo, Manzanero's boleros and the poetry of Whitman, Mahler, Mozart, Chopin, Bethoven, Caravaggio, Rembrant, Velásquez, Picasso and Tamayo among so many wonders.

And if you have cancer or AIDS, two things can happen and both are good; If he beats you, it frees you from the body that is so annoying: I am hungry, I am cold, I am sleepy, I feel like it, I am right, I have doubts… and if you win, you will be humble, more grateful, therefore easily happy.

Free from the tremendous weight of guilt, responsibility, and vanity, willing to live each moment deeply as it should be.

You are not depressed, you are idle. Help the child who needs you, that child will be your child's partner. Help the old, and the young will help you when you are. In addition, service is a sure happiness, like enjoying nature and caring for it for the one to come. Give without measure and they will give you without measure.
Love until you become loved, even more until you become love itself.

And do not be confused by a few homicides and suicides, the good is the majority but it is not noticeable because it is silent, a bomb makes more noise than a caress, but for each bomb that destroys it there are millions of caresses that feed life.

Facundo Cabral