A man was caught and thrown into a pit about 13 meters deep, just because he was a stranger. He struggled to get out of the pit, but the harder he tried, the weaker his muscles became. He said to himself: “I don't know how to get out of this; maybe I should just die instead of enduring these miserable struggles and hardships. "

Just then, he heard a voice yelling, "Help me!" The screams came from another pit that was 10 feet deeper than his own. He thought to himself, "So there's someone else like me trapped here too."

Listening carefully, he heard some cracking and sand falling from the wall of the other victim's pit. Immediately he made up his mind and with the last strength he had left, he began to crawl little by little until he came out of the pit.

Moral of the story:

That pain that we think we are going through… there are people in worse condition than ours. Let's always say something sweet to ourselves and smile at our suffering. Let them be; they are there for a time and also to challenge us. Today may be the darkest hour but our joy will come in the morning.

Let's try to cheer ourselves up… let's look at ourselves in the mirror, hit our chest and say to ourselves: "I can do it and stand the test of time."

Let's always try to face our worst fear because nothing comes easy. We need to feel uncomfortable to get into our comfort zone. Let's think big!

Ekerette Festus, copyright 2012

Source: www.motivateus.com

Although we will not always have in ourselves all the capacity to achieve what we set out to do, the truth is that if we do not try, surely we will not do it.

Life is much more than the achievement of our goals; it is actually about our journey trying to reach them. While we will not always achieve all that we set out to do, we will enjoy and learn — and ultimately, we will live — trying.

Who does not dare and risks, not only will never achieve anything, but simply will not live ... but merely vegetate.

So let's think big, allowing the Lord to help us align with His plans for our lives and moving forward.

God bless you.

Raul Irigoyen

The Chaplain's Thought